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Are there any hidden costs for The Life Book?

There are NO HIDDEN COSTS for The Life Book.

The Life Book is a ministry of the Gideons and is now wholly funded by The Gideons International. Our mission is to help local churches equip and mobilize the students in their youth groups as missionaries into their own schools, giving the gift of the Gospel to their classmates by giving them a Life Book.

You will not be charged for anything. We provide Life Books without cost to local churches for their students to give to their classmates. We accept requests for Life Books only from the pastors, youth pastors or church-designated youth leaders of local church youth groups who intend to use the Life Books for their students to give to their classmates.

There is absolutely NO COST or financial obligation to you.

We DO ask that you to do these two things:

1. Commit to making sure that ALL of The Life Books you receive are given out.

The Life Books are provided to you so that your teens can give The Gospel to those who don't yet know Christ. Your mission is to ensure that all of your Life Books are used to take The Gospel to the lost. 

2. Share with us, and encourage your teens to share with us, how God has used The Life Book to reach the lost.

Stories from teens and youth pastors are vital not only to raise awareness and share the vision of The Life Book, but also to encourage other teens who are preparing to share The Life Book with their own friends.

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