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Can I get Life Books to use in my para-church ministry?

We do not sell Life Books or provide them in quantities outside of Saturations done through local churches. Our mission is to work with youth pastors/youth leaders to equip as many local churches as possible to mobilize as many teens as possible to go into their own schools as missionaries. We provide The Life Book to churches for free so that churches across the country can mobilize their students to give the gift of the Gospel to their classmates in schools throughout the Untied States.

We do not provide Life Books directly to para-church ministries. However, if your para-church ministry is involved with teens in schools, we can encourage you to urge youth leaders in local churches to request Life Books for their youth group to give out and also share some of their Life Books with your ministry so that the students in your ministry can join the local church youth group in giving Life Books to their classmates.

I know this isn't the answer you hoped for, but it allows us to remain focused on our mission while allowing local churches to provide for other ministries as well.

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